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and another one

Hello everyone!

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you for continuing to follow Project One during the unreasonably long stretch of silence. I find it hard to believe there are still so many of you left and I really cannot wait to update you all properly about what’s happening here!

I have unfortunately been quite unwell, so the progress with getting everything together ready to re-launch, has been slow at best, however you may have seen couple of posts recently, directing you to the website (new url, in case you’d been looking for us) and while there is little to see there just yet, I wanted to pop along to let you know that I am slowly but surely returning to full fitness and should have lots to share with you over the next few months!

I am in the process of restructuring the organisation, as adaptations are necessary in order for me to be able properly manage operations while navigating a body that is not quite on my team yet, so things may seem to move slowly or it may get quiet again every now and then, but I assure you stuff is happening!!

In addition,I have been locked out of a couple of email addresses, so if you’ve been trying to reach me without success, please try again here: 

Oh, and if you’ve noticed I haven’t posted a damn thing over @carmenpie, it’s because I have been locked out. Very annoying, I might get back in one day, I might not, hey ho, time for a change! So, I have a new account dedicated solely to climbing!  If you’d like to keep up with my latest antics on the wall and witness my journey back to avoiding overhangs and dynos, you can find me here: @pieclimbs

So please, if you have tried to contact me in any way over the last few years, and I’ve accidentally ghosted you, do get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ll continue posting on @projectoneuk here to give notice of new blogs and all updates will be on the website moving forward so keep your eyes peeled for news!

Thank you once more for your patience, it’s so very appreciated and I can’t wait to get back out and about to catch up with what the Climbing World’s been up to while I’ve been gone 😍

<3 C

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