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Well Hello,

It has been quite some time since I last wrote a blog and even longer since I gave a proper update on what’s happening with Project One.

You may have seen me irl or online, doing non-climbing related things and wondered what on earth happened?! With good reason, you may question why; as the organisations popularity was growing and people were getting on board with the vision…you disappeared?!

Well, the truth is, I didn’t. I have spent the last 2-3 years very close to everything, but somehow completely removed from the community I had come to call home. I have been too unwell to participate in the sport I love, while running an organisation created specifically to address issues I deemed important within the industry I suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly became a part of.

Initially, my motivation to start project one had nothing to do with climbing. I had been living abroad and upon my return realised that I had been gifted such a privilege in having the opportunity to leave my hometown, let alone home country, that I knew I needed to do something to give back to my true community. The place I was really from, the place that raised me and at times, the place I hated.

You see, I’m from a place where everyone is very sure of who they are. We were raised to know where we’re from, what’s important to us and how to maintain that status quo with great vigour. We’re raised to ‘know our place’.

Our place isn’t the nicest part of town, it’s not the place with million pound properties and glitz and glamour, it’s a place where if you want to get something fixed, you ask your neighbour if they know anyone. A place where you know the names of everyone on the street. A place that no one else wants to go, but you feel the most comfortable.

It’s not a place known for its riches and beauty, but definitely known for its sense of loyalty and camaraderie...

All this to say; P1's gonna be changing a bit. I'll explain more about how and why anoter day, but for now I'm going to go and sit in the garden and be grateful that I can.

toodles for now <3

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